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Plantra Crop Saver Insect Net - 21ft x 25ft
Bottom Section Shows Reinforced Selvedge Edge That Resists Ripping Or Tearing Where Attached - Main Body Of Net Shown Above

Plantra Crop Saver Insect Net - 21ft x 25ft

  • Small, Interlocking Mesh "Locks-Out" Bugs That Ruin Crops
  • Insect Net Doubles As Anti-Bird Net Too!
  • Super Premium (Heavy) Gauge Lasts For Up To 10 Seasons
  • 21ft Width Big Enough To Cover Multiple Rows Of Plants
  • Fixed Length & Width Perfect For Hoop House Or Frame Structures
Part Number:NR61QG-210F-0001
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  • $66.65
Plantra® Crop Saver™ Insect Net

Crop Saver Insect Net protects against fruit eating bug pests that can ruin your crop and doubles as an anti-bird net too! Tired of bees, grasshoppers, cicadas and other insects taking a bite out of your harvest? Cover your crop and save the harvest you've worked hard to grow! 

Engineered with interlocking knitted construction and superior u.v. inhibitors, Crop Saver Insect Net is super strong and lasts for up to 10 seasons. This net is designed to be applied and removed seasonally - apply before bugs cause trouble and remove before harvest. Tiny 1.6mm x 6.8mm mesh openings keep your harvest safe inside and fruit and veggie eating insects out!

Popular applications for the backyard gardener include installing netting on hoop structures to protect garden crops.

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