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SunFlex Greenhouse Grow Tube & Stake System

For Pricing & To Order Please CLICK the SunFlex Grow Tube height below best suited to your animal threat.

Please Note: If Deer are in your area, only 58-in & 71-in grow tube heights will protect against deer browse!

SunFlex Greenhouse Grow Tube System - The science and engineering your trees need to get growing with the sun! 

Stop deer and other critters from killing your small trees! The SunFlex™ Greenhouse™ Grow Tube System not only grows your trees healthy and fast, it protects from animals so your small seedlings are free to grow. 

Physical protection from animals is important, no doubt. But the biggest benefits to the SunFlex System are its scientifically designed greenhouse grow tube microclimate and "trunk-building" support. Together, they grow your seedlings fast, safe and healthy from roots to shoots. There is no better way to grow long-lived, big trees than to do what nature does - start small and grow the tree in place without disruptive transplanting which can rob growth and reduce a tree's lifespan. 

The image to the left shows healthy, fast-growing wildlife trees in the 71-in tall SunFlex Deer Shield™ Grow Tube System. These trees have strong stems loaded with fruit and are a whopping 9-11 ft. tall. They were planted as small,12-in tall bare-root seedlings and were only half-way through the 4th growing season when the photo was taken!