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Screen Mesh Tree Guard

Click the color and animal threat image below that matches the level
of protection your trees need.

Plantra Screen Mesh Tree Guards "breathe" to let air in but keep critters out.
Designed for light-duty stem and bark protection these tree guards come in 
three easy-to-use styles - simply wrap the tree guard around the trunk and 
you're done! 


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White Color "Sapling" Tree Guard - protects seedlings with diameters 
up to 2.25 inches from critters and guards against sun scald often 
referred to as southwest injury.


Black Color "Sapling" Tree Guard - protects seedlings with diameters 
up to 2.25 and dark color blends into the landscape.


Black Color "Whip" Tree Guard - protects small seedlings with diameters 
up to 1.25 inches during handling in the nursery.


Note: Plantra Screen Mesh Tree Guards provide light-duty physical protection. If greater durability is required or if 
weed sprays are to be used near the tree we recommend the Plantra Solid Wall Tree Guard - CLICK HERE