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Plantra Woven Weed Barrier Roll 6ft x 300ft (1-Roll)

Plantra Woven Weed Barrier Roll 6ft x 300ft (1-Roll)

Part Number:WRPW00-0603-0001
Plantra® Weed Barrier Fabric - Rolls

Weeds and grasses steal light, water, and nutrients from your trees. Every square foot of soil is capable of producing a limited amount of biomass growth. By controlling weeds, you channel all of that growth potential into your plants to optimize their growth and assure your new seedling Survive, Thrive, Succeed!

Ready to stop weeds in their tracks, Plantra woven weed barrier is available in rolls for larger projects. Apply once and your in-row weed control is done – no repeated treatments year after year. The tough woven poly fabric easily can be applied directly over brush and stubble and is easily installed by machine or by hand. Plantra weed barrier blocks weeds for 3 to 5 years making sure your seedlings have access to all of the light, water, and nutrients along the entire row of coverage.

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