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Plantra Water-Saver Weed Mat Kit (10-Pack)
Water Saver Protects Below To Keep Weeds Away From Oak Seedling In 1st Year While SunFlex Grow Tube Protects Above

Plantra Water-Saver Weed Mat Kit (10-Pack)

  • Each kit contains 10 weed mats and 50 staples (5 staples per mat)
  • 1600 Sq. In. of Sun-Blocking Coverage Stops Weeds In Their Tracks!
  • Stops Water Loss To Preserve Soil Moisture
  • Creates Weed Free Zone To Save Soil Nutrients For Seedlings
  • Bi-Layer Construction Achieves More Even Soil Temperature Than Other Materials
  • Easy To Carry In The Field - Easy To Install
Part Number:WSZ4BW-406R-1050
Plantra® Water Saver Works Best When The Weeds Get Tough!

Tall Weeds Surround Seedlings On All 

Sides And It Looks Like The Weeds

Are Winning....But Look Closely

Weeds Folded Back & Away Shows

 Water Saver Weed Mat In Place & 

Winning The War On Weeds 

Water Saver Weed Mat Folded Back

Shows Weed-Free Zone To Keep Soil 

H2O & Nutrients Free For The Seedling

Water Saver Is Four Products In One! 

  1. Water Saver - Tough, plastic film holds soil moisture in the soil where your plants need it - see image to right. Some studies have shown that controlling weeds has an even bigger impact to promote growth than irrigation!
  2. Weed Blocker - Black side up or down blocks sunlight weeds need to grow 
  3. Temperature Moderator - White side down retains soil temperature, even at night 
  4. Fruit Ripener - When used white side up, reflected diffuse light can help ripen fruit

The name "Water Saver Weed Mat" says it all to stop weeds from robbing your new seedlings of sunlight, moisture and nutrients. Apply them once and your seedling stage weed control is done! No repeated treatments are needed year after year. Water Saver completely blocks weeds for 3 years or more. During that time your seedlings have access to all of the light, water, and nutrients in the entire area covered. 

Water Saver Weed Mats Are The Grower's Choice Because They Deliver:

  • Huge water savings from reduced evaporation: Soil water does not escape from under Water Saver Weed Mats like it can from porous woven or perforated weed barrier materials or from exposed soil surfaces. As a result, plant growth with Water Saver is much greater.
  • Complete weed stopping power: Water Saver's black layer blocks photosynthetically active radiation (P.A.R.) to provide excellent weed control under the film.
  • Increased early spring soil temperature: Used black side up Water Saver warms soil temperature to promote active root growth earlier, faster and sustainably.
  • More uniform soil temperature: Used black side up, mulch mat absorbs the sunrays and warms the soil. White side reflects energy from the soil back into the soil, even at night, to maintain more uniform temperature when compared to black-only weed barriers or uncovered soil.
  • Increased plant growth: Water Saver is practically impervious to carbon dioxide (CO2) and this gas, highly important to photosynthesis, builds up under the Mulch Mat. Because the mulch mat film does not allow CO2 to easily escape like porous materials, the gas is channeled through holes made in the plastic, primarily, the center hole area. This channeling can concentrate CO2 for the protected plants and a "chimney effect" is created, resulting in localized concentrations of abundant CO2 to promote actively growing leaves.
  • Enhanced Fruit Ripening: For fruit tree applications the mulch mat can be used white-side up which will reflect diffused sunlight back up into the canopy to help ripen fruit.
Water Saver Weed Mats stay on guard through the first seasons when your seedlings are most susceptible to weed competition to get your plantings off and running with the sun!

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