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Plantra Trunk Saver Screen Mesh Tree Guard - Whip Diameter Stem Protection, Black, 21-in. Ht. (8-Pack)

  • Protects Sapling Stems From Large Rabbits & Small Pets
  • Also Provides Light-Duty Protection Against Deer Antler Rub
  • Protects Stems Up To 2½ Inches In Diameter
  • Screen Mesh Allows Maximum Air-Flow
  • White Color Provides Limited Protection From Sun Scald (Southwest Injury)
  • Minimum Order = (2) 8-Packs
Part Number:TBS02B-2100-0008
Plantra® Trunk Saver Screen Mesh Tree Guard – Whip-Sized Trunk Protection, 21in. Ht. (8-Pack)

Screen mesh design breathes to avoid moisture build-up for those species that require morel air flow to the trunk. Simply wrap the tree bark guard around the trunk and you're done. 

Designed for nursery transport from the field to sales outlets and protects stems up to 1.25 inch diameter after planting to guard against chewing animals like rabbits, mice and voles.

Note: Plantra Screen Mesh Tree Guards provide light physical protection. If greater durability is required or if weed sprays are to be used near the tree we recommend the Plantra Solid Wall Tree Guard - CLICK HERE

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