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Plantra Trunk Saver Mower-Trimmer Tree Guard, Brown, 12in. Ht. (6-Pack)
Trunk-Saver Mower-trimmer Tree Guard is heavy-duty and long-lasting to stand up to abuse from lawn care & field equipment

Plantra Trunk Saver Mower-Trimmer Tree Guard, Brown, 12in. Ht. (6-Pack)

  • Protects Against Damages From Mower Decks & String Trimmers
  • Heavy-Duty Protection For Trunk Diameters Up To 4 Inches 
  • Rugged, UV Resistant Construction Will Last For Years
  • No Assembly Required - Installs In Just Seconds!
Part Number:TRCM4A-1200-0006
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  • 12 - 23
  • $17.45
  • 24+
  • $15.90
Plantra® Trunk SaverMower-Trimmer Tree Guards Protect Fruit & Ornamental Trees From Mechanical Damage

Protect young trees against damage from lawn mower decks, string trimmers and other mechanical weed control tools. It's frustrating to see a young tree that is growing fast and strong and on its way to maturity only to die because the trunk was girdled by lawn or orchard equipment. String trimmer "weed eaters" in the hands of the careless are often "bark eaters" too. Trunk Saver Mower-Trimmer Tree Guards are engineered to take a beating and still be tough enough to protect trunks from weed control tools. Simply open the Trunk Saver and let it recoil around the base of the tree and you're done! No tools. No ties. Protection is a snap! 

It takes years to get a young tree safely on its way and only seconds to kill it. Protect your trees up to 4 inches in diameter with Trunk Saver today to avoid losing them to routine maintenance tomorrow.

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