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Plantra Trunk-Builder Reinforced Fiberglass Stake - 59in (10-Pack)
SunFlex tree grow tube stakes flex with the wind to build stronger stems and are virtually unbreakable for reuse again and again.

Plantra Trunk-Builder Reinforced Fiberglass Stake - 59in (10-Pack)

  • Harness The Wind To Grow Stronger, Straighter & Healthier Stems The Way Tree Nurseries Do - Naturally!
  • Designed Specifically For 4ft SunFlex Grow Tubes
  • Virtually Unbreakable, Easy To Drive & Reuse
  • 10-Pack
Part Number:KFD000-5900-0010
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Trunk-Builder™ 59in Grow Tube Companion Stakes For 4ft SunFlex Grow Tubes

Your grow tube installation is only as good as the stake you choose for the job! The same goes for traditional tree tubes and tree-shelter installations. That's why we pioneered our durable, virtually unbreakable, and reusable Trunk-Builder stake line. Trunk-Builder's patented design flexes in the wind to help seedlings develop stronger stems and are engineered to stand tall with built-in super strong “memory” to return to a straight position even on the windiest sites. Professional nurseries have used fiberglass training systems for decades to grow trees tall, straight, and strong. Trunk-Builder's purpose-built design, for the first time, delivers the same benefits with grow tubes. Put Trunk-Builder stakes to work in your field and grow your trees the way the pros do.

Trunk-Builder stakes help grow stronger tree stems in a grow tube from the start - Like everything we do at Plantra, it all begins with growing the plant and Trunk-Builder stakes are no exception. Trees use a variety of environmental influences to grow and wind is an important factor in normal stem development. Trunk-Builder harnesses the wind to stimulate plant growth responses that encourage stronger stems - a process known as Thigmomorpogenesis. Unlike traditional, rigid staking systems which can lock tubes in place and prevent natural movement of the developing tree, Trunk-Builder gently moves back and forth when the wind blows and returns to straight to train your trees tall, straight and strong.

Trunk-Builder is super strong and delivers where other stakes can't - Trunk-Builder's reinforced stake designs get the job done by combining all of the following into a one-of-a-kind staking system perfect for use in your field:

  • Trunk-building flexibility - Trunk-Builder bends naturally when when the wind blows (just like a tree) and has "memory" to return to straight when the wind stops (just like a tree) to keep your trees growing straight up! The key to Trunk-Builder is balancing strength and flexibility which all starts with a fiber-reinforced backbone composed of woven, overlapping layers of e-glass that bend but don't break. Fiber-reinforcement makes this stake much stronger when compared to non-reinforced fiberglass rods.
  • Professionally engineered for superior strength - Solid reinforced construction combined with load-bearing, 3-sided geometry gives Trunk-Builder greater strength and memory than standard 1/2-inch round fiberglass rods or non-reinforced, hollow plastic or light gauge metal materials that bend and stay bent.
  • Soil-gripping surface area - Three-side geometry increases surface area contact with the soil to hold fast even on the windiest sites.
  • Proven technology - Nurseries have long used fiberglass stakes to train trees tall, straight and strong. Trunk-Builder stakes for the first time deliver the same benefits when used with SunFlex grow tubes.
Trunk-Builder is super-easy to use - When time, money, and labor matter Trunk-Builder delivers with an easy-to-use design ready for the field:

  • Lighter weight - Multi-sided geometry delivers greater strength per unit of weight whether building strength into an air plane wing or using roof trusses in a building. Likewise, Trunk-Builder leverages complex geometry to deliver greater strength in a lighter weight stake. Lighter weight ships for less money and is easier to carry in the field. Weighing in at less than 1/3 the weight of conventional oak stakes means you can carry three times as many Trunk-Builder stakes at one time - all without getting splinters from wood!
  • Ground line markers - Each Trunk-Builder stake comes marked with a “ground-line” indicator so you don’t have guess how deep to drive the stake. Just drive the stake until the “ground-line” is flush with the soil and you’re done!
  • Easy to drive - Rugged, solid construction and soil penetrating profile make driving Trunk-Builder a dream when compared to wooden or hollow plastic and metal materials.This saves time and reduces worker fatigue to get your planting jobs jobs finished sooner and with less effort.
  • Trunk-Builder Lasts.... and Lasts - Trunk-Builder is U.V resistant to the sun's rays and will last for years and years to stretch your investment even further when it comes time to plant again. No need to replace rotting wood or warping hollow, plastic and metal stakes. trunk-Buildergets the job done now and in the future.

Put Trunk-Builder to work in your fields and you'll get stronger and straighter trees with less time and money!

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