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Plantra Rigid Mesh Tube - Tree & Shrub Protector, 7in Open Diameter, 328ft Roll (1-Roll)
White Cedar Growing Fast Safe Inside 7-inch Rigid Mesh Tube – SunFlex Water Saver Weed Mat Helps Seedlings Grow Even Faster

Plantra Rigid Mesh Tube - Tree & Shrub Protector, 7in Open Diameter, 328ft Roll (1-Roll)

  • Narrow mesh size keeps side branches and buds in & critters out!
  • Designed for deciduous trees and narrow form evergreen trees.
  • Perfect for bare root seedlings up to 36in tall or 1 gal. stock.
  • 328ft roll can be easily cut to desired tube heights.
  • Support stakes sold separately.
Part Number:TPF07G-328R-0001
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Plantra 7-inch Diameter Rigid Mesh Tube Protector Roll Stock

Designed for use with the following plant types:
  • Narrower form evergreen trees (i.e. white pine and cedar)
  • Deciduous (broad leaf) trees

Tired of deer and rabbits killing your prized white pine, white cedar and other conifer seedlings? Plantra Rigid Mesh Tube Protectors make guarding these evergreen and all deciduous trees fast, easy and affordable. Say good-bye to chicken-wire and other metal cages that are both expensive to make and even more expensive to buy. Say hello to fast, safe seedling protection that goes on easy and lasts until your trees are well on their way. 

Plantra's rugged, tight grid mesh design reduces lateral branching through side of tube and is best suited for narrower form conifer (evergreen) trees like white pine and white cedar and any deciduous (broad leaf) trees. 328ft roll is easily cut to your desired heights. Shorter lengths can be used for small form shrubs and longer lengths (5ft and longer) can be cut for deer browse protection.

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