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Plantra Rigid Mesh Tube - Tree & Shrub Protector, 12in Open Diameter, 58-in Height (10-Pack)
Brand New Hazelnut Orchard Protected With Rigid Mesh Tube Protectors Is Safe From Rabbits During The First Seasons Of Growth.

Plantra Rigid Mesh Tube - Tree & Shrub Protector, 12in Open Diameter, 58-in Height (10-Pack)

  • Perfect for medium wide evergreen trees like white pine and cedar.
  • Also suited to deciduous trees, narrow form shrubs & garden plants.
  • Planting stock size = bare root seedlings up to 48in tall or 3 gal. stock.
  • Rigid mesh lets air and light through but keeps deer and rabbits out!
  • 58-in height protects against deer browse.
  • Support stakes sold separately.
Part Number:TPM12G-6000-0010
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  • 8 - 13
  • $75.55
  • 14+
  • $71.35

Plantra 12-inch Wide Rigid Mesh Tube Protector

Keeping seedlings, shrubs and garden plants safe from animals with a mesh protector just got better! Plantra's 12-inch wide diameter rigid mesh tube protectors screen out browsing animals that can kill your seedlings and garden plants. Engineered from rugged, u.v. resistant polymers, Plantra rigid mesh gets the job done in the field, in the yard and in the garden. Say good-bye to chicken-wire and other metal cages that are both expensive to make and even more expensive to buy. Say hello to fast, safe, seedling and plant protection that goes on easy and lasts until your plants are well on their way. Larger mesh design allows branching through sides but keeps terminal leader safe, straight and growing fast.

12in Open Diameter

  • Narrow to medium wide form deciduous trees and shrubs
  • Narrow to medium wide form evergreen trees like spruce
  • Medium wide form evergreen shrubs
  • Larger form garden plants and vegetables

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