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Plantra AviGard Row Netting Applicator Platform With Electric Actuator Boom Lift
AviGard Bird Netting Applicator Platform With “Long-Horn” Boom Arms Installs Netting Over Single Or Multi-Rows Fast & Easy!

Plantra AviGard Row Netting Applicator Platform With Electric Actuator Boom Lift

  • Includes platform deck with rails, mast and boom assemblies
  • Uses exclusive electric actuator to raise and lower boom arms
  • For installing bird netting on single or multiple rows
  • Can be used with 3-Point hitch or tow kit each sold separately
Part Number:ANCASD-0000-0001

AviGard® Netting Applicator Platform

Finally! A versatile netting applicator that farms the way you do with the equipment you already use. Install and remove bird netting on single or multiple rows fast and easy and save time, money, and effort!

The AviGard® netting applicator delivers in your field 4 ways:

  • Works with the equipment you already own - The Plantra bird netting applicator platform can be used with almost any vehicle you have on the farm from trucks or trailers to ATV's and full-size tractors. The applicator has 3 ways it can be used:
    • Attached to Category-I 3-point hitch with forklift attachment (sold separately)
    • Supported by forklift using built-in fork lift channels
    • As a platform mounted in the bed of a pick-up or on a trailer
  • Assembles & Stores Safe & Fast - The applicator platform comes mostly ready-to go with only a few parts to assemble. Once assembled, Plantra's exclusive electric actuator system raises and lowers double-wide "Long-Horn" boom arms and operates with any vehicle battery power source.
  • Speeds installation and removal and slashes labor costs - An acre per hour installation or removal rate is routine on level ground, making the AviGard® netting applicator the right choice for both small and large operations

  • Extends the field life of your netting - The AviGard netting applicator platform with its adjustable boom assembly, reduces wear and tear on netting during installation and removal and maximizes your crop protection investment.

AviGard Netting Applicator Accessories Farm The Way 
You Want And Attach To The Equipment You Already Own!

                                                                                        Class 1 3-Point Hitch/Fork-Lift 
                                                                                        (Sold Separately) 

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