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Plantra AviGard Heavy Duty Bird Net Storage Bag
AviGard’s One-Of-A-Kind Net Storage Bags Are Made Tough With Heavy Duty FIBC Construction & Sturdy Securing Straps

Plantra AviGard Heavy Duty Bird Net Storage Bag

Part Number:ANBBX0-1725-0001
AviGard® Netting Storage Bags

AviGard netting storage bags make installing and collecting your nets fast and easy. Super strong material keeps nets safe and secure between seasons. Made rugged and durable, AviGard netting storage bags extend the life of your netting when stored out of the sun in a dry location. Each bag holds the equivalent of 17ft wide x 2500ft long AviGard Flex Premium netting.

Note: Netting deteriorates over time in sunlight. Always remember to store your bird nets out of the sun and rain, in a dry, ventilated area and off the ground.

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