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Plantra All-Steel Stake Driver for Trunk-Builder 47-84 Inch Fiberglass Stakes

Plantra All-Steel Stake Driver for Trunk-Builder 47-84 Inch Fiberglass Stakes

  • Designed Specifically For SunFlex Profile Stakes
  • Drives Fiberglass Stakes Safely From Chest Height
  • All Steel Construction Complete With Handy Welded Storage Ring
  • High Visibility White Color Is Easy To See In The Field
Part Number:AKDS0X-0030-0001
Plantra SunFlex Stake Driver

Plantra "pipe-style" stake drivers are the safe and easy solution to install trunk-Builder fiberglass grow tube shelter support stakes. Driving any stake in the field can be a challenge depending upon soil conditions and can be especially risky if a hammer is used. The SunFlex stake driver delivers two important ways:

  • They're safe and easy to use – No need to risk injury swinging a hammer over-head or near a hand steadying a stake. Just slip the Plantra stake driver over the top of the stake and gently, but firmly, drive your stakes from the comfort and control position of chest height. Plantra pipe-drivers are light weight and require less effort than traditional stake driving tools and they're painted bright white to easy see even in tall grass.
  • They're made rugged for the field but easy on stakes – Engineered from all steel construction, Plantra pipe-drivers protect the tops of your stakes from smashing and splitting making sure your stakes survive installation and ensures that they’ll be in good shape when it comes time to reuse them on another planting.

Choose the SunFlex stake driver for your next stake-driving project. Oh, by the way, if you buy trunk-Builder stakes 47in long or longer the driver comes FREE!

Note: Limit one driver per customer.

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