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The Plantra Team has been designing, testing and making products to protect plants and improve crop yields for over 30 years. With decades of plant growing under our belts we launched Plantra in 2000 to help growers get their planting projects off the ground fast with healthy and thriving plants and to protect crops come harvest time. Our motto is "Plant Like You Mean It" because we believe that only growers who care enough to do what it takes to succeed ever will. Our promise to you is to deliver products that work where it matters most, in your field, all supported by our professional Grower Success Team who know how to help you grow. 

Our habitat, orchard, vineyard, nursery and garden supplies help you grow past frustrating planting and harvest failures of the past, especially where wind, weeds and wildlife can wipe-out a season's worth of work in short order. We're there to grow and protect your plants through their entire life cycle. From seedling and trunk protection & weed control to crop protection, Plantra delivers at every stage of your project.

Our vision and mission were born from the simple idea that planting and harvest success are goals, not guarantees.

  The Plantra Vision (where we're headed) - To revolutionize plant establishment and crop protection to make agricultural lands more productive and wild lands more wild.

  The Plantra Mission (how we're going to get there) - To transform plant growing and crop protection from acts of futility and frustration to those that are feasible, fulfilling and fun!

We invite you to take the Plantra pledge "Plant Like You Mean It" and get growing today!