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Why Choose Plantra? Because we're the "Plant Like You Mean It" folks for serious growers!

"Plant Like You Mean It" was born from the simple fact that success in the field is a goal, not a guarantee. "Plant Like You Mean It" means to not just plant, walk away and hope for the best but rather to do what it takes to succeed at the very beginning and stick to it until the end of the project. We put this belief into practice from our first contact with you all the way to the plant-growing finish line. From the get-go we're driven to make your experience with Plantra fun, easy and successful by making sure we deliver to you:

Plantra-Leaf-Crop-Tree-Protection-Supply-Products-Grow-Tubes-Bird-Netting-S.jpg The Right "Grower-Gear" That Works...Every Time! - Everything we do is focused on the success of your plants and you. Our products are scientifically designed, rigorously field tested, and perform where it matters most, in your field under demanding conditions. We make every effort to ensure that the health of the plant always comes first, that our products easy to use, and are delivered to you at the lowest cost.

Plantra-Leaf-Crop-Tree-Protection-Supply-Products-Grow-Tubes-Bird-Netting-S.jpg Unmatched Grower Support Delivered By Real Humans - Yep, that's right, when you contact us we respond with real humans - really! We know that real live people are getting harder and harder to find these days, especially in the "automated-self-serve-service-world." But we're serious about recruiting the kind of folks who actually enjoy helping others, especially when it comes to helping growers succeed. Whether you call or email, our Grower Success Team of Plantra-trained and certified "Thrive-ologists," is ready to serve. We're growers ourselves and understand what it takes to go from the dream at planting to the bounty of a harvest or habitat for the future. What ever the growing goal we'll do our best to share our ideas and the experiences of other growers to help you get the most from your efforts. We'll also refer you to others if we don't have a specific product or service you need.

Plantra-Leaf-Crop-Tree-Protection-Supply-Products-Grow-Tubes-Bird-Netting-S.jpg The Most Grower-Friendly Web Experience - You want online shopping to be easy, fun and safe. So do we. That's why we post our everyday low prices where you can easily see them and show you the total cost of having our solutions delivered to your door, all without having to register! Say good-by to pre-registration hassles and shipping surprises when you try to buy. At Plantra, when it's time to check-out you're able to do so as a guest or register your account to speed-up ordering next time around - it's up to you. We make it easy to get what you need online and on demand 24/7 and we welcome you to contact us anytime between 8-5 M-F Central Time. And when you do business with us we keep your information, well yours! We never share our customer information with marketers and keep this information confidential.