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Fertilizer - RTI Booster Pak for Hardwood Seedlings-30g Pak - 25 Count Bag
Fertilizer - RTI Booster Pak for Hardwood Seedlings-30g Pak - 25 Count Bag

Fertilizer - RTI Booster Pak for Hardwood Seedlings-30g Pak - 25 Count Bag

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RTI-Booster Paks get The Job Done To Feed Your Seedlings Early On When They Need It Most - Booster Paks were formulated in a 30 gram biodegradable format based on a research collaboration between the RTI and the USFS "Below Ground" research team at the USFS Research Station, Athens, GA. The results of these efforts are a proven ability to re-generate hardwood seedlings, including oaks, at a rate of growth that can exceed 30 ft. in seven years. In addition to fertilization at planting, the "Below Ground" team determined that transplants with at least 5 lateral roots grew the fastest and were the healthiest

Fertilization At Planting: Why it makes a huge difference!

Fertilizing small seedlings really works – That’s why tree nurseries do it and so should you. Small seedlings need every opportunity to succeed. Giving them the boost of nourishment they need when they’re small and vulnerable is critical to helping seedling compete and grow strong. For new plantings it’s a race against time and competing threats to get young seedlings established and growing fast and healthy – a race your seedling trees and shrubs deserve to win.

Starting small is the fastest route to big and long-lived – Planting small, nursery grown seedlings is one of the best ways to start healthy root systems necessary to grow big trees and shrubs with the longest lives. After all, nature starts with a seed. The next best thing is a small seedling. And like other growth factors, proper nutrition during the earliest stages can make all the difference. RTI 30 gram Booster Paks are the answer to get new seedlings on the fast track to maturity by delivering the time-released nutrients young trees need and delivered over time, the way they need them.

The first year is critical – There is no more crucial period in a seedling’s life than the first twelve months after planting. Depending upon how plants respond to transplanting impacts their biological transition and the effects can alter the growth pattern for their entire life cycle. Right after planting, seedlings have limited time and resources to get small roots fully integrated into the surrounding soil. Getting through this initial stage involves getting past what is commonly referred to as “transplanting shock” where seedlings have to adapt to new, often harsh, conditions.

Getting a fast start means faster growth for the long-haul - Seedlings that lack adequate nutrients during the establishment phase may not survive or can have their growth and development stunted along with your results. If seedlings are unable to obtain proper nutrients or lose out to faster growing competition, they cannot produce adequate carbohydrate reserves to drive survival and growth. It almost goes without saying that anything you can do to help your seedlings get through this critical phase will pay big dividends in the seasons to come.

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