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Click the AviGard Fruit Tree Bird Net size below that's right for your fruit trees

Size Recommendations:
  • 49ft x 49ft - For trees 12ft - 18ft tall
  • 32ft x 32ft - For trees 6ft - 12ft tall
  • 16ft x 16ft - For trees up to 6ft tall
Birds go absolutely crazy over ripe cherries, peaches, figs, plums, apricots and a host of other tree fruit crops. That's why we offer AviGard fruit tree netting in a rugged, fruit-ripening hex mesh. These knitted super premium grade nets are soft on fruit but tough to resist tearing and will last for up to 10 seasons if removed at harvest and stored out of the sun. Protect your tree crops with AviGard hex mesh to keep birds and beaks out and ripe fruit flavor and quality in.