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AviGard Flex Diamond Mesh Canopy Bird Net

CLICK The AviGard® Flex Net Size & Strength That's Right For You!

Super Premium (Heavy) Gauge (7-10 Seasons*)

Premium (Medium) Gauge (3-5 Seasons*)

AviGard Flex Diamond 3/4in. x 3/4in. Mesh Net

Flexibility is the name of this game and AviGard's "Flex" bird net delivers! Interlocking knitted construction is strong, durable and flexible making installation and removal a snap. 

Diamond mesh net flexes in length and width to fit a variety of fruit trellises and leaf canopy dimensions. Whether you're looking for vineyard netting, blueberry netting, strawberry netting or wish another row crop AviGard Flex Diamond mesh has a size to fit your need.

Field-ready benefits not found anywhere else:

    • Our centering stripes visually help align the middle of the net over the row center. No more guessing where the middle of the net is or having one side applied longer than the other.
    • Reinforced net edges (selvedge) absorb tension to resist tearing on sides

Available in a variety of strength (grade) and installed dimensions:

    • Premium Grade - designed for 3-5+ seasons of U.V. exposure (many of our customers report getting 6 years or more with proper handling and storage).
    • Super Premium Grade - designed for 7-10 seasons of U.V. exposure

Note - Seasons* refers to 4-8 week period that netting is used to protect fruit from veraison (ripening) to harvest.

Popular applications

  • Wine grape vineyard bird netting
  • Table grape vineyard bird netting
  • Blueberry row bird netting
  • Blackberry and Raspberry row bird netting
  • Strawberry row bird netting