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AviGard Easy-Fit Square Mesh Canopy Bird Net

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Super Premium (Heavy) Grade (7-10 Seasons*)

Premium (Medium) Grade (3-5 Seasons*)

AviGard® Easy-Fit™ is a patented square mesh bird net that installs fast and easy to protect vineyards, blueberry and strawberry patches, row crops and garden plants. Easy-Fit comes in two strength gauges and a range of sizes so there's sure to be solution for your bird problem.

Easy ON and Easy OFF!

Easy Fit's patented locking square mesh design is a snap to install and comes off easily. Square meshes lock in length and width assuring proper installed dimensions every time. And when it comes time to harvest, simply retract the netting and store out of the sun in a dry, ventilated location and you'll be all set for next year. Easy Fit is perfect for hobby and weekend growers who plan on installing smaller volumes of net by hand or for large commercial operations that require a seasonal net that drapes well on support structures. Perfect for use as vineyard netting and blueberry netting, AviGard Easy Fit works 24/7 to keep birds out and lock fruit flavor in.

Popular applications

  • Wine grape vineyard row bird netting
  • Table grape vineyard row bird netting
  • Blueberry row & structure bird netting
  • Blackberry and Raspberry row & structure bird netting
  • Strawberry row & structure bird netting
Seasons* = 4-8 week fruit ripening period leading up to harvest