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AviGard Crop Structure Knotted Bird Net - Year Round Use

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Engineered For Strength That Lasts!
AviGard® Knotted Crop Structure™ Net is designed rugged with 6/12 knotted construction perfect for semi-permanent structures where netting is to be left installed year-round. Engineered super strong, this rugged and durable 3/4in. x 3/4in. mesh net is perfect to cover support structures to protect fruit trees blueberries, raspberries and garden crops.

Delivers results in your field three important ways:

Superior Strength AviGard Crop Structure Net is constructed from heavy duty, high density polyethylene strands twisted to form rugged, strong twines. The twines are then mechanically joined together with strong knots, heat treated and then pressure-stretched for maximum strength. AviGard Crop Structure Net is not only strong enough to keep birds at bay but it also stops, deer, raccoons, rabbits and other critters that can cause problems in your fields.

Long-term Durability When it comes to long lasting results under year round conditions, AviGard Crop Structure Net has you covered. Formulated from high quality resins and superior UV additives, this net is designed to last a whopping 10 years of continuous UV exposure when properly installed.

Economic Return Though the initial investment is higher per square foot than seasonal-use nets, AviGard Crop Structure Nets are less expensive to use over time. That's because these nets can remain in place year-round, which eliminates labor costs to install and remove netting each season.

Ideal uses for AviGard Crop Structure Netting:
    • Blueberry Structure Bird Net
    • Raspberry Structure Bird Net
    • Strawberry Structure Bird Net
    • Fruit Tree Structure Bird Net