Plantra® Steel Anchor Staples
Plantra® Steel Anchor Staples

Designed to lock weed barrier fabric in place secure, fast and easy. Double-leg “U” shaped design is made from 11-gauge steel wire for strong holding power, durability and reuse.
Steel Anchor Staples
Steel Anchor Staples

Dimensions Weed Barrier Anchor Staples
Price Per
6" x 1" x 6", 11 ga. Weed Barrier Anchor Staples


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AS0000-6160-0500 500-Box
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AS0000-6160-1000 1000-Box
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5 staples per 40in X 40in SunFlex Water Saver Weed Mat 

Plantra® Steel Anchor Staples

Plantra® anchor staples are made from a full 13 inches of rugged 11-gauge steel wire formed into a double-leg “U” shape for two anchoring points instead of one. Designed to hold fast and firm for seasons to come, Plantra® anchor staples secures weed barrier for your current planting and are easily reused. Installs fast and easy with our staple driver. (click here to see our staple driver)

Product Specifications

  • Material = 11-gauge steel wire
  • Overall length = 13in
  • Installed length = 6in
  • Width between anchor legs = 1in
  • Packaged in boxes of 100 and 1000
  • Recommended qty per 40in x 40in SunFlex Water Saver weed mat = 5 staples

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