Wildlife Habitat


Woody plants are a cornerstone to any comprehensive wildlife planting. They provide essential benefits from protective cover and travel corridors to food and mast production. To provide these benefits however, young seedlings must survive a gauntlet of threats that prevent most trees and shrubs from ever reaching maturity. At Plantra, we understand the challenges facing your new plantings and have engineered solutions to get your young trees and shrubs on the fast track to benefit wildlife by helping make sure they:

          • Survive – Keeps your seedlings from being killed by wildlife, wind and weeds before they grow big enough to provide cover and food – no more wasted time, no more lost seasons.
          • Thrive – Encourages optimal growth to get new plantings up and on there way in record time.
          • Succeed – Launches protective cover and food for wildlife to be ready only a few short seasons away with Plantra’s field-proven technology and know-how.
To learn more about how planning your next wildlife planting click the Plantra Habitat User Guide above.

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Web Discount Program