AviGard® Hex Net™

AviGard® Hex Net is our strongest seasonal net constructed of a heavy gauge material making it drape like a dream even over irregular leaf canopies. In addition, AviGard Hex Net’s white color gently reflects and diffuses sunlight to enhance fruit ripening – an added bonus where sunlight is blocked intermittently to berry patches and fruit trees.

AviGard® Hex Net
AviGard® Hex Net

AviGard® Hex™ Net

 Mesh Size = .62in X .62in

Price Per
 16.4 x 16.4 ft AviGard® Hex™ Net - SUPER Premium Gauge    
  NSHS0W-1616-0001 1-Net ($49.90 per Net) $49.90 Add to Cart
For Trees and Bushes Up To 5ft Tall x 5ft Wide
 32.8 x 32.8 ft AviGard® Hex™ Net - SUPER Premium Gauge    
    NSHS0W-3232-0001 1-Net ($129.90 per Net) $129.90 Add to Cart
 For Trees and Bushes Up To 10ft Tall x 10ft Wide
 49.2 x 49.2 ft AviGard® Hex™ Net - SUPER Premium Gauge    
    NSHS0W-4949-0001 1-Net ($229.90 per Net) $229.90 Add to Cart
 For Trees and Bushes Up To 15ft Tall x 15ft Wide

AviGard® Flex™ Hex Mesh Net

Hex Net is the answer to protect individual fruit and nut trees or berry patches where a smaller mesh opening (20% smaller than standard crop nets) is preferred. Made super-strong and durable, AviGard’s hex mesh design is a snap to install and assures your hard-earned harvest becomes a reality. Avigard® Hex netting is white in color to achieve enhanced fruit ripening especially in conditions where nearby structures or large trees partially limit sunlight needed for ripening.  


Also, for those windy sites, don't forget fasteners to secure your bird nets:

Popular applications

  • Vineyard bird netting
  • Blueberry netting
  • Temporary netting of structures to protect cherries, raspberries, and other fruit crops
  • Netting individual fruit trees
Available gauges and installed dimensions:
  • 16.4ft x 16.4ft (white color)
  • 32.8ft x 32.8ft (white color)
  • 49.2ft x 49.2ft (white color)

Expected field life = 7-10 seasons of u.v. exposure

 * Seasons refer to 4-8 week period that netting is used to protect fruit from veraison to harvest.

Technical Information

  • Material = Knitted, rip-stop, high density polyethylene
  • Mesh size = .6in x .6in
  • Mesh pattern = Hexagon
  • Dimensions = Flexible length and width
  • Color = White
  • Available Installed dimensions
    • Super Premium 16.4ft x 16.4ft
    • Super Premium 32.8ft x 32.8ft
    • Super Premium 49.2ft x 49.2ft 
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