AviGard Easy-Fit Square Mesh Side Net

AviGard® Easy-Fit™ Square Mesh Side Net is the perfect vineyard solution for smaller applications requiring installation by hand or for larger jobs where easier access to narrow rows is required after the netting is installed. Easy-Fit™ Side Net doubles your benefit in the field by providing both beneficial shade during the sunniest part of the day and creating physical barrier to birds all day every day.

AviGard® Easy Fit™ Net
AviGard® Easy Fit™ Net
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AviGard® Easy Fit™ Square Mesh Side Net

 Mesh Size = .75in X .75in

Price Per
3.28 ft x 3280 ft AviGard® Easy Fit™ Square Mesh Side Net - Super Premium Gauge    
  NVYS0G-0332-0001 1-Net ($399.90 per Net) $399.90 Add to Cart

Avigard® Easy Fit™ Side Net

Keeps birds out and keeps fruit flavor in!

Perfect for vertical wine grape trellis systems, Easy Fit Side Net delivers a powerful 1-2 punch to lock birds out and lock flavor in. First, Easy Fit side net's rugged, durable construction presents an effective barrier between "beak and berry" to keep birds out, all day, every day. This vineyard net also doubles as a shade net to help prevent sunburn from above during peak sunlight periods all without limiting air movement from the side. Together, these benefits help assure you'll keep the fruit quality you've worked to grow.

Easy ON and Easy OFF!

Easy Fit's locking square mesh makes this side net a snap to install and to remove. Square meshes lock in length and width assuring proper installed dimensions every time. Heavy duty reinforced edges make joining opposite net panels fast, easy, and secure. And when it comes time to harvest, simply retract the netting onto the spool or feed into a bag for easy storage. Easy Fit  side net is perfect for hobby and weekend growers who plan on installing smaller volumes of net by hand or for larger applications where easier access to narrow vine rows is required once the netting is in place.

Popular applications

  • Wine grape vineyard bird netting for vertical trellis applications

Style and grade 

  • Locking square mesh keeps birds out and fruit flavor in
  • Super Premium Grade designed for 7-10 seasons* of U.V. exposure

* Note - Seasons refer to 6-8 weeks of the growing season that netting is used to protect fruit from veraison to harvest.

Technical Information

    Product Specifications

  • Material = Knitted, rip-stop, high density polyethylene
  • Mesh size = .75in x .75in
  • Mesh pattern = Square
  • Dimensions = Fixed
  • Color = Green
  • Packaging = Packed on spool
  • Available Installed dimension = 39 in. wide x 3,280ft long