AviGard® Bird Netting

Plantra's bird netting is top notch at protecting your investmentDon’t let your crop go to the birds! You’ve worked hard all season - make sure you’ve got something to show for it. Protect your investment of time and money with AviGard® Bird Netting and say good-bye to lost tonnage, damaged fruit and off-flavors birds can leave behind. 

Developed in cooperation with growers nation-wide, AviGard® Bird Netting is made by Plantra and designed to fully protect whether you're a commercial grower or backyard enthusiast. Made exclusively from virgin, high density polyethylene (HDPE) resin and fortified with superior UV inhibitors, Avigard is designed to last for seasons to come. Whether you're looking for vineyard bird netting, blueberry netting or netting to protect another fruit crop "AviGard's got you covered" and helps make sure you've got a harvest to show for a season's worth of effort.

Unlike partial control measures like sound and visual scare devices which leave your crop fully exposed, AviGard has you covered providing the most effective bird barrier between “beak and berry.” Don’t wait until the birds have found your field – choose AviGard to assure both the quantity and quality of your crop! 

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General FAQs
Why Use Netting?
Why Use Netting?

“Fully protected grapes ripe
for the vintage ahead”
  “Lost or damaged fruit – a disappointing
but avoidable end to the season”


The Choice Is Yours......



Netting is the only reliable way to protect your crop 24/7 - It’s on the job continuously and doesn’t take early morning and evening bird feeding times or weekends or other days off when you or your crews are away.

Netting provides a “complete” barrier between the birds and your fruit to preserve tonnage - Unlike scare devices which birds quickly determine to be harmless (sometimes in less than a few hours), netting keeps the birds at bay and stays on the job to achieve full harvests. Birds can wipe out an entire crop in a weekend. Netting keeps what you’ve produced safe and maturing until you want to pick – no more lost crops, no more wasted seasons.

Netting completely preserves fruit flavor and appearance. The old methods of bird deterrence – cannons (where legal), lethal shooting (illegal for all but European starlings, English house sparrows and pigeons), balloons, etc. – cannot prevent access to your crop and leave fruit entirely exposed to damage that harms appearance and flavor.

Once birds peck the fruit, the damage is done! Bird-pecked fruit harbors bacterial and fungal pathogens that ruin a crop for good – fruit sold on appearance has to be discarded and fruit to be processed can be ridden with off-flavors. The bottom line is: When it comes to protecting appearance and flavor…..




Netting is quiet and legal - Netting doesn't wake your neighbors up with cannon blasts, sirens, horns, whistles, or any number of loud noises birds quickly learn to simply ignore (often in a matter of hours). In addition, local ordinances may severely restrict the use of auditory scare devices.

Netting is also a legal means to control depredating birds unlike shooting which is dangerous around workers and neighbors and depending upon your immediate jurisdiction it may be illegal to discharge a firearm in your locale. Lethal control measures, like shooting (even where firearms can be legally operated), is allowed for only three unprotected species:

    House Sparrow (passer domesticus)

    Starlings (disambiguation), and the

    Common pigeon or Rock Dove (Columba livia)

All other species are protected by state and federal statutes. Always check with Federal, state, and local ordinances before attempting to control depredating birds by with firearms or pyrotechnics.

Why Choose AviGard?
Why Choose AviGard?

AviGard® is the “grower’s choice” for fast, easy, and effective bird control in the vineyard, orchard, or commercial berry operation because: 

  • AviGard is soft on your hands and on the fruit - Made from strong but flexible knitted material, AviGard Crop Netting is safe and easy to work with without gloves and is not abrasive to you or fruit the way extruded netting can be.

  • AviGard fits your operation - AviGard’s knitted design is flexible to be used in a variety of systems and can be applied from bags or wound on to spools to adapt to the equipment you have available.

  •  AviGard works everytime - Avigard replaces all of the partial (and often futile) costs of trying to protect your crop from birds that take advantage of exposed fruit and does it for less than other netting options. When it’s all said and done, AviGard is the option that makes your harvest potential a reality from quantity to quality when other options can leave you short on both ends. 
Which AviGard Net Should I Use?
Which AviGard Net Should I Use?

Avigard Crop Netting comes in three basic styles, Flex™ Net, Easy-Fit™ Net, and Hex Net.

Choose from 3 styles:

  • AviGard® Flex™ Diamond-shaped mesh stretches in width or length to uniquely accommodate a range of canopy dimensions.
  • AviGard® Easy Fit™ Square mesh achieves perfect installed dimensions every time. Square meshes cannot be stretched in length or width – if this feature is desired please select the AviGard Flex style. Easy Fit is perfect for hobby and "weekend" growers installing net by hand - a great time saver!
  • AviGard® Hex Net Hexagonal mesh with a smaller opening (.6in vs .75in) than standard crop netting and white in color to gently reflect sunlight under the netting where nearby structures or large trees block light needed for ripening.

Choose from 2 grades:

  • Premium Grade – Designed for 3-5+ seasons* of U.V. exposure
  • Super Premium Grade – Designed for 7-10 seasons* of U.V. exposure* Seasons refer to 6-8 weeks of the growing season that netting is used to protect fruit from version to harvest.
AviGard Quick Selection Guide
AviGard Quick Selection Guide